Frames types & sizes

These frames are available with any Peter Kilkelly Gallery image.


Shadow Frames

Sample of a Shadow Frame

Shadow box frame have a deep dish look and are suited to most images. They are available in White and Raw timbers.

Regular Frame

Sample of a Regular Frame

This frame is perfect for adding that splash of colour to a regular to small sizes room is desk area.

Acrylic Frame

Sample of Acrylic

Our beautiful 6mm acrylic frames are breathtaking. They add colour and lifestyle and are a perfect addition to any wall. The image is designed to bounce light and look vibrant in most lighting conditions.

Arctic Block 40mm

Sample of Arctic Block

These deluxe 40mm blocks are a hot item. Simply choose any of the images on the website to add to this frame. The depth of the crystal clear acrylic makes these frame pop with colour and keep you inspired all day long.